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The New English-German Dictionary

"The New English-German Dictionary" (current version: 3.8.5) is a powerful bilingual English-German dictionary which helps you to find translations for a specific term including several examples for context usage.
In addition to the daily usage terminology, it also includes translations for many special terms from the field of mathematics, physics, electronics, technical drawing, chemistry, law, geographics, medicine, biology (and many more).

The database contains now more than 860.000 translations including the new German spelling. Thanks to all who helped in enhancing the database. Dictionary

Travel accounting program

"Reisekostenabrechnung" (current version: 2.10.23 / 3.5.23) is an user-friendly program for all people who have to travel in their job and who are employed in Germany. You can enter all the expenses you had on the journey, divided into special categories. The software calculates the daily allowances and takes care of all the deductions to be made according to the regulations of the German Government.

Since this software applies to German law, the language of the user interface in German only. Reisekosten

The Collectors' Choice

"The Collectors' Choice" (current version: 1.8.5) is an user-friendly and powerful program for managing your collection of coins, stamps or other collectibles.
You can enter general information about the objects, import JPG images, like obverse and reverse side of coins, as well as the facts about the purchase date, price, depository, the vendor and various catalogue values including the value increase.

The program creates and prints overviews of the collected items including general information, detail cards with all facts about the object and small collection cards for placing in the object cover. Sammler

Sort program

This little but useful program sorts text files and data record files with a fixed number of lines per record, cleans, sorts, separates and converts files. It runs in the CMD environment and has been used by myself for more than 15 years now. Therefore it should be well-tested.
According to the requirements I have extended the functionality of the sorting algorithm and the file options in order to build the source files for the dictionary.

All user interaction and messages can be disabled, and additionally the program writes protocol files, so it is perfectly suitable for batch jobs. Sort