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The New English-German Dictionary - Description

"The New English-German Dictionary" is a powerful bilingual English-German dictionary which helps you to find translations for a specific term including several examples for context usage.
In addition to the daily usage terminology, it also includes translations for many special terms from the field of mathematics, physics, electronics, technical drawing, chemistry, law, geographics, medicine, biology, arcitecture (and many more).
There is no need to specify the language as the dictionary always does the search in both languages at the same time. Just type in the word or phrase you are looking for and let the program search for you.
You can also search for a term which is in the clipboard. That makes it easy to look up a translation for a word from any other program. In the same way, you can copy the translation from the dictionary to any other text processing program.
You can extend the database easily. Just create a file and enter your translations. Of course other languages can be entered too. The registered database contains now more than 860.000 translations. Thanks to all who helped in enhancing the database.
The new German spelling has also been implemented in the registered database. You can search for German terms in the new and old spelling. Both variants are side by side so that you get an overview whether and how the spelling has changed.
We will further continue in increasing and improving the database in order to provide you a powerful tool for helping you in your daily work.

"This software is also easily usable by blind or high-grade visually handicapped people. Presently, it is being successfully used with the screen reading software Virgo4 und JAWS. This is mainly possible because of the straight forward user interface and simple functional design. It is to be expected that it will also work with other types of screen reading software without any problem."
Jürgen Schwingshandl, BAUM Audiodata GmbH

Here you can go to the download page for the software. Download PAD Factsheet  

Screenshot of the dictionary:

Dictionary Screenshot