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Contakt & Operator

English grammar -- englische Grammatik

English prefixes -- englische Präfixe

a- not atypical
Anglo- English Anglo-German relations
ante- before antenatal (before birth)
anti- against anti-European, antisocial
auto- self autobiography
bi- two bicycle, bilingual, bimonthly
cent-, centi- hundred centenary, centimetre
circum- around to circumnavigate (to sail around)
co- together copilot, to coexist, cooperation
con- with, together context
contra- against, opposite to contradict, to contraflow
counter- against, opposite counterrevolution, counterproductive
de- taking something away, the opposite to defrost, to decentralize
deci- one tenth decilitre
dis- reverse, opposite to displease, to disembark
Euro- European Euro-MP (member of the European Parliament)
ex- former ex-wife, ex-president
extra- 1. very, more than usual extra-thin, extra-special
2. outside, beyond extraordinary, extraterrestrial
fore- 1. before, in advance to foretell, foreword
2. front foreground, forehead
in-, il-, im-, ir- not incorrect, invalid, illegible, immoral, impatient, impossible, irregular, irrelevant
inter- between, from one to another international, interracial
kilo- thousand kilogram, kilowatt
maxi- most, very large maximum
mega- million, very large megabyte, megastar
micro- one millionth, very small microgram, microrganism
mid- in the middle of mid-afternoon, mid-air
milli- thousanth milligram, millilitre
mini- small miniskirt, minibus, miniseries
mis- bad or wrong, not to misunderstand, to misbehave, to miscalculate
mono- one, single monolingual, monorail
multi- many multilingual
non- not nonsense, non-resident, non-smoker
out- more, to a greater degree to outdo, to outrun
over- more than normal, too much to overeat, to oversleep, to overestimate
post- after postwar
pre- before prepaid, preview
pro- for, in favour of pro-European, pro-democracy
quad- four quadruple, quadruplet
re- again to rewrite, to rebuild
semi- half semicircle, semidetached
sub- 1. below, less than subzero, subsonic
2. under subway, subtitles
super- extremely, more than superhuman, supersonic
tele- far, over a long distance telecommunications, television, telephoto lens
trans- across, though transatlantic, transcontinental
tri- three triangle, tricolour
ultra- extremely, beyond a certain limit ultra-modern, ultraviolet
un- not, opposite, taking something away uncertain, uncomfortable, unsure, to undo, to undress
uni- one, single uniform