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English grammar -- englische Grammatik

English suffixes -- englische Wortendungen

Suffixused to makemeaningexample
-able, -ible, -ble adjectives possible toacceptable, noticable, convertible, divisible, irresistible
-age nouns a process or stateshortage, storage
-al adjectives connected withexperimental, accidental, environmental
-ance, -ancy, nouns an action, process or stateappearance, performance, pregnancy, constancy
-ant, -ent nouns a person who does itassistant, immigrant, student
-ation nouns a state or actionexamination, imagination, organization
-ee nouns a person to whom something is doneemployee, trainee
-en verbs to give something a particular quality, to make something moreto strengthen
-ence, -ency, nouns an action, process or statecoincidence, patience, potency, presidency
-er nouns a person who does somethingrider, painter, baker, builder, teacher
-ese adjectives from a placeJapanese, Chinese, Viennese
-ess nouns a woman who does somthing as a jobwaitress, actress
-ful adjectives having a particular qualitybeautiful, helpful, useful, thankful
-hood nouns a state, often during a particular period of timechildhood, motherhood
-ian nouns a person who does something as a job or hobbyhistorian, comedian, politician
-ical adjectives from nouns ending -y or -ics connected witheconomical, mathematical, physical
-ify verbs to produce a state or qualitybeautify, simplify, purify
-ish adjectives 1. describing nationality or languageEnglish, Swedish, Polish
2. like somethingbabyish, foolish
3. rather, quitelongish, youngish, brownish
-ist nouns 1. a person who has studied something or does something as a jobscientist, typist
2. a person who believes in something or belongs to a particular groupcapitalist, pacifist, feminist
-ion nouns a state or processaction, connection, exhibition
-ive adjectives to be able to, having a particular qualityactive, effective
-ize, -ise verbs actions producing a particular stateto magnetize, to generalize, to modernise, to standardise
-less adjectives not having somethinghopeless, friendless
-like adjectives similar tochildlike
-ly adverbs in a particular waybadly, beautifully, completely
-ment nouns a state, action or qualitydevelopment, arrangement, excitement, achievement
-ness nouns a state or qualitykindness, sadness, happiness, weakness
-ology nouns the study of a subjectbiology, psychology, zoology
-or nouns a person who does something, often as a jobactor, conductor, sailor
-ous adjectives having a particular qualitydangerous, generous, religous
-ship nouns showing statusmembership, citizenship, friendship
-wards adverbs in a particular directionbackwards, upwards
-wise adverbs in a particular wayanticlockwise
-y adjectives having the quality of the thing metionedcloudy, rainy, fatty, thirsty, greeny